About us



    Ralph O'Brien IV

    Lisa O'Brien


Ralph O'Brien and Lisa O'Brien opened and Incorporated Customized Computer Design in 1996.  At that time they started a small custom PC "build and repair" shop to meet a unique need at the time.  Since that time they have grown and evolved immensely to meet the ever changing demands of the industry.  CCD has always had pride in the fact that we have been  a "local" shop providing service for the local community.  Like most businesses we have grown to not only provide that same high level local support but have also grown to provide services throughout not only Southern Maine but all of New England.  Although CCD is no longer the "small shop" we still try to keep that personal touch with our customers.  No matter how big or small they are.

After a few years in the industry and making a good name for ourselves we started providing contractual IT support for our business customers.  Although customers have come and gone we have kept great relationships with all our customers over the years.  Loyalty to our original customers is paramount to how we do business and often but not always that loyalty is returned.  Although client retention is every business' goal it is inevitable that you lose customers because you become "too set in your ways" or stagnant.  We have learned over the years that change is inevitable and good for the industry of Corporate support.  So we of course have changed with it.  This is how GuardDawg Remote Managed Solutions began.  Companies are looking for better and more proactive support solutions.  Since we redeveloped our business to provide this solution we have grown tremendously once again.  But having done so we still give everyone of our customers that "small shop" relationship we have always done.